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What some of our clients are saying...

"Dear Doug, Deb, I can’t thank you guys enough for the great job you did on my car. You turned a very bad situation for me into to a wonderful one. My car looks better than it did before. Thanks for all your hard work & I know you went above & beyond for me. I appreciate you so much . . . . Thanks again!"
Alene Elvine
"You fixed the drivers door on my Blazer last week. I needed to take it on the I-15 today. Not only does the door now close without lifting and slamming, the roar of the wind from an ill-fitting door is gone, and the Check Engine light is no longer lit. It is amazing what a well-hung door will do! Thanks for a great job."
Jan Gerber

D & D Autoworks and Collision focuses on providing quality service in a timely manner, so you can get back on the road faster through scheduling.

Within hours of dropping off your vehicle, our team will disassemble your vehicle, inspect it for hidden damage, and project a completion date. By finding hard-to-see damage early, we can procure parts and accurately estimate labor charges. We're able to find 90% of repair delays using this process so you know up front what to expect. The other 10% of delays typically come from back-ordered parts and repairs that require subcontracting.

The frame is the foundation of a vehicle and is crucial to its safe structural integrity. D & D uses top-of-the-line laser equipment to measure structural changes to the frame, and then straightens the vehicle with precision using a Chief Frame Machine. Manufacturers require that structural changes be incredibly accurate. General guidelines require variances of less than 3mms, about the thickness of three dimes. Our Technician has been using this frame straightening equipment for 30 plus years.

D & D ensures the safety of your vehicle using industry-leading spot-welding equipment and certified welding technicians. Most vehicles are made from weld-on parts and have more than 4000 spot welds. Engineers determine the number, size, and spacing of spot welds to assure the structure absorbs or transfers crash energy to maximize the safety of the occupants. D & D performs welds according to exact specifications.

The certified Owner/technician knows how to repair the newer vehicles constructed of special high-strength steel, aluminum, composites, and the new quiet steel technology. The use of this modern technology helps reduce weight and increase safety and fuel economy.